Prostitute Dies During Sex With NYSC Member In Nasarawa
On August 20, 2019, there was pandemonium, fear and uncertainty at the popular City Rock Hotel, Maraba, Nassarawa State when the management of the hotel found a naked body of a young lady stone-cold dead inside room C4. There was no prior information as to what could have led to the death of the young lady except that a young man brought her to the hotel room to spend the night with her. By morning of August 20, 2019, he had fled and left the management of the hotel in a quandary. This led the security operatives in the state into vigorous and professional investigation.
   Shortly after, the operatives wheeled the dead body into a theater. In no time, the pieces of the dead body were glued together. The dead body was identified as Favour Edoh, a 22-year old prostitute who got herself into the hands of the suspected killer, Augustine Ohimai, a member of the NYSC, who was tracked down and arrested by security operatives on January 17, 2020. From his side of his story, a 5-minute enjoyment went awry and sour! A man whose libido led to doom!
  While recounting the sequence of the event that led to his doom, Augustine Ohimai tearfully and soberly narrated how his whole life turned upside down over five minutes of enjoyment.
Up till the evening of August 20, 2019. Augustine’s life was in order and by that time, he had just completed his education at Auchi Polytechnic where he studied Computer Science. He left Auchi for Bauchi to begin his Youth service programme.
 While on his way to Bauchi, the suspect said he stopped at Maraba in Nassarawa state to sleep over and continue his journey the following day because it was night already. He recounted telling a commercial motorcycle rider to get him to an affordable hotel around. The rider took him to City Rock Hotel, Maraba where he booked a room for ₦2,500 for a night.
“After I had checked into the room, hunger came and I had to step out to get something to eat. It was there I saw some prostitutes making advances and asked if I would be needing their service. Truthfully, I was keenly interested at that moment. However, all of them except one wanted me to pay ₦5,000 for the night. The odd one out, Favor Edoh, agreed to go down for ₦2,000 because she had made no dough that night.”
 After making the payment, the lady followed him to the hotel room.
 Augustine said he made for the bathroom to have a cool bath before he began his “ride of enjoyment”.
“After taking my bath, we started making love and we were still in the first round when I realized that she had stopped breathing. I was sweating profusely and visibly shaking. I moved her sideways to see if she would wake but she never did. I had to run away because no one would believe my side of the story. ”- he had said.
Reports have it that he sneaked out of the hotel around 6:30am and took the first bus of the day out of the city.
After three weeks at the NYSC orientation camp in Bauchi, thinking the event was all gone and forgotten, he was redeployed to Delta state where he began his Youth service.
However, he traveled to Benin every weekend to lodge in his sister’s apartment located at Eme-Ora West Road,  Evboriara. This was where the police nabbed him on January 17, 2020.
 During the interrogation, the suspect said he had never made love with a prostitute before and that he only wanted to “taste” the difference between a prostitute and his fiancée whom he had planned to get married to, shortly after the completion of his Youth service. He also recounted that neither he nor his partner took any drug before they got on bed and that Favour must be sick because they had hardly started making love when the incident happened.
The suspect debunked all insinuations that he killed Favour Edoh for ritual, said he was never into “Yahoo Yahoo” and he had a very good profile which can be verified in his church. He said he took nothing from the lady and also claimed that the money he gave her was still in her purse as at when he left.
   While sending a note of apology to the parents of the deceased, Augustine said the devil only used his weakness to get him into mess. He vowed to turn a new leaf and become a dedicated man of God if he escaped the mess he got himself into.
  While speaking with the newsmen on mobile telephone, the manager of the City Rock Hotel, Mr. Emmanuel Paul Agbocheni, refuted that some parts of the suspect’s story were white lies. The manager claimed that the deceased was found stark naked with all her clothes, including bras and panties missing.
The manager recounted that there was a heavy rainfall from 4-9am on  August 20, 2019. This led to delay in cleaning the rooms of the hotel till after 9am. When the housekeeper got to the door of the room, she knocked but no one replied from the other side. She assumed the occupant of the room was yet to check out, so she went to clean other rooms and returned at 12:30pm. It was past the checkout time already and this prompted her to notify the management of the hotel. They took a spare key to the room and opened, only to see a young, pretty lady, stark naked on the bed, cold-stone dead. Immediately, the management of the hotel pulled a call through to Maraba police station.
The manager claimed that all the deceased’s belongings, including her phones, pants, bra and money were not found in the room. He stressed that the only thing left in the room was a green purse containing her makeup kit.
The manager expressed his gratitude to God for revealing the face behind the facade of the incident.
The detectives are currently on their toes to ensure that the truth is revealed. The body of the deceased had been taken for autopsy to ascertain the cause of her death which could either lead the suspect to vindication or jail.


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